Hello reader, meet again with me, this is first article using English language, if my grammar bad, please forgive me 🙂

Agricoin, yeah, this is cryptocurrency based farming ecosystem!, non familiar right ? this time i want to introduce it, before that I want to tell you this cryptocurrency specification.

Name Description
Type POW
Algorithm Scrypt
Total Supply 466,656,250
Premine 41,000,000 (8%)
ICO (Market Join Free) 24,600,000 (60% From Premine)
Bounty Program 12,300,000 (30% From Premine)
Allotment For Dev 4,100,000 (10% From Premine)
Short Name AGC

Maybe that’s enough, and I want to tell you a bit of this coin, i think, this coin fork from Litecoin, and the dev re-develop it.

Mr. Riski Yudhistira as CEO very optimistic in developing this coin and he is my friend on Telegram 😀

Thanks for read this article, have a nice day!

Other Source about Agricoin

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